Air to Energy – Electricity Generation

The compressed Air Engine uses its reverse cycle mode to compress air and store in a tank or tanks, when required the air goes back through compressed air engine and is expanded to generate electricity.

Energy Storage

MDI compressed air battery storage spans applications including premises such as

♦     homes
♦     businesses
♦     communities
♦     industrial centres

♦     aggregations for virtual power plants
♦     micro grids using nodal or hub storage

♦     grid scale storage
energy producers
all industry and commercial applications

MDI batteries have many  advantages over chemical batteries, including the latter’s

…   current reputation for non-affordability for mass take up
…   inability to economically scale
…    reliance on subsidies
dirty manufacture

…    inconvenient discharge and recharge.

In addition chemical batteries have relatively
…    high maintenance
…    shorter lifecycle
…    disposal requirements
…    safety issues,
…    unclean manufacturing footprint
…    raw materials needed for manufacture.

The MDI range of products is the AirPower – spanning from small to large.


The following are AFL/MDI markets in Australasia and globally.  MDI technology and products has many advantages and positive differentiations in these markets.

  • Premises and singular applications: AFL markets include businesses, services, utilities, manufacturers, agriculture, mining, construction, shopping centre, remote, corporate, and consumer. Australia has the world’s largest solar base.
  • Aggregated and virtual power plants: A huge future is decentralised storage, either with a central node or hub or aggregated across multiple premises forming a micro grid or virtual power plant. Australia leads the world in household solar per capital. Australia has one of the highest energy costs.
  • Producers, utility and grid scale: In addition to government, producers of both fossil and renewable energy are integrating battery storage. South Australia is constructing the world’s largest battery storage, some three times second place.